24 Barrett Avenue, Staten Island, NY 10301


VCP Superfund VOCs CVOCs "Vapor Intrusion"

Forest Avenue Shopping Associates, Charlton Cleaners, Philip Forest Associates LP, KIOP Forest Ave. LP
Site Description[1][2] 
This site is located within an 18,300 square foot building that is situated at the eastern end of the Forest Avenue Shoppers Town Shopping Center. Other retail businesses are adjacent and nearby. The nearest residential properties are to the north across Barrett Avenue. This building was occupied by a dry cleaning business called Charlton Cleaners along with other small retailers prior to 1994. The building has since been remodeled and is occupied by a craft supply retailer. A 1994 soil and groundwater investigation of the shopping center identified tetrachloroethene (PCE) and its breakdown compounds in the immediate proximity of Charlton Cleaners. NYSDEC conducted an investigation in 1996 which confirmed that a source of PCE contamination exists in the vicinity of the Site building. The current site owner entered the Voluntary Cleanup Program to address the contamination. The site is now being managed under VCA no. V00252.

A Remedial Investigation work plan was approved in February 2005 and the Remedial Investigation Report was approved in June 2006. An IRM Work Plan was approved in August 2006 to address soil vapor intrustion to the basement of the building. In January 2007, installation of the vapor barrier and an SVE pilot test had been completed. NYSDEC received a Supplemental Remedial Investigation Work Plan (SRIWP) in March 2008. The NYSDEC reviewed this document and provided comments. The NYSDEC received an Interim Remedial Measure Work Plan (IRMWP) in March 2009. At present the department is co-ordinating its response to this document with the New York State Department of Health.

Site Environmental Assessment

Data and subsequent analysis indicate that there is significant on-site contamination of soil, groundwater and soil vapor consisting of PCE and its decay products, TCE and vinyl chloride. Soil vapor is currently being addressed through the IRM implementation of a vapor barrier and the installation of a soil vapor extraction system. In order to fully remediate the site, soil and groundwater remedation will be necessary. Further delineation off-site will be required.

Site Health Assessment
The current use of the property is a shopping plaza. The area surrounding the site is a mix of commercial of residential property. On-site soils and groundwater are contaminated with chlorinated solvents. Exposure to contaminated groundwater is unlikely because the area is served by public water. Direct contact exposure to contaminated soils is unlikely because most of the site is covered by structures or pavement. A soil vapor intusion investigation in the Michael's store indicated elevated levels of PCE and TCE in soil vapor and indoor air. Initial remedial measures (basement slab sealing) did not result in a reduction of VOC concentrations in indoor air. Elevated VOC levels in indoor air are limited to the basement of the store where employees have limited access. The volunteer is currently working with a heating, ventilation and air conditioning contractor to pressurize the building and minimize vapor intrusion. Until vapor intrusion mitigative actions are successful, inhalation exposure is a current exposure pathway at the Michael's Building.

Contaminants of Concern

Type of Waste Quantity

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