555 W 34th St, NY, NY 10011

Hells Kitchen

Brownfield VOCs "Vapor Intrusion"

Concolidated Rail Corp., CRC Properties, Meushar 24th St, National Railroad, and New York Telephone Co.
Site Description[1] 
The Site is located at 555 West 34th Street, also known as 400 Eleventh Avenue, between 10th and 11th Avenues in Manhattan, New York City, New York County. The property is identified as Block 706, Lot 1 in New York City’s tax records and consists of a 37,800 square-foot (1.02 acre) rectangular-shaped vacant parcel. The surrounding urban area consists primarily of retail and commercial business. Current use of this site is for commercial and industrial uses. Future use of this site will be for unrestricted use. The BCP Agreement was signed by the DEC on February 21, 2007. The Citizen's Participation Plan has been approved. A Remedial Investigation Report (RIR) and a Remedial Work Plan (RWP) have been approved. Site clean up work began on August 27, 2007. The majority of the site remediation was completed in March 2008. Currently, the NYC MTA is constructing an entrance to the new No.7 subway line extension in the middle of this BCP site.

Site Environmental Assessment
Two 4000 USTs were removed on 2006. Eight 550 gallon USTs abandoned in-place were removed in the fall of 2007. Of the 5 reported spills associated with this site, all are closed. Bedrock is at 17 to 24 feet deep. Except in the Amtrak easement, all soil and supsected contaminants at this site, primarily from petroleum, have been removed to bedrock. These contaminants were impacting the soil and shallow groundwater. The bedrock aquifer does not appear to be contaminated. The shallow groundwater aquifer is at 20 to 26 feet deep. The shallow groundwater contamination is basically from petroleum compounds, including MTBE. Metals contamination is not a problem at this site. The shallow groundwater was pumped and removed during the site excavation in 2007. Off-site contamination is not known but will be evaluated as part of this BCP Project.

Site Health Assessment
Information submitted with the BCP application regarding the conditions at the site are currently under review and will be revised as additional information becomes available.

Contaminants of Concern
Type of Waste Quantity

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