615-649 West 57th Street, New York, NY, 10019

Upper West Side

Brownfield VOCs "Vapor Intrusion"

The Four Plus Corporation and JP Morgan Chase Bank as trustee
Site Description[1] 
The site is bordered by 631 West 57th St. property and 601 West 57th St. property to the west; by 847-853 11th Ave. property to the east; by 58th St. to the north; and by 57th St. to the south. This site is approximately 1.377 acres (60,000 sq. ft.) in size. The site's former addresses were 615-629 West 57th Street and 618-630 West 58th Street. The site consists of Tax Block 1105, Lots 5, 14, 19, and 43 in the Borough of Manhattan. The topography of the site slopes gently to the west toward the Hudson River which is situated 250 ft. west of the site. The site geology is characterized by fill material overlying sand and till, decomposed rock, weathered rock, and bedrock. The site's operational history consists of commercial and auto facilities, and garages. Currently the site is vacant and partially paved with asphalt and concrete. The proposed site redevelopment consists of an international school with ground floor retail and sub-grade parking. The property is located in a mixed residential and commercial neighborhood. This site was deemed to be eligible for the BCP in December 2008. The BC Agreement is under negotiation.

Site Environmental Assessment
A Remedial Investigation (RI) on behalf of the Volunteer was conducted in November 2007. The investigation found contamination in soil, groundwater, and soil vapor. Twenty three (23) soil samples were analyzed. Analytical results revealed VOCs in soil exceeded Part 375 Unrestricted Soil Cleanup Objectives (UUSCOs). Ethylbenzene was detected at 120,000 ug/kg and total xylenes were detected at 400,000 ug/kg. SVOCs were identified in soil in multiple samples at concentration above the UUSCOs. Chrysene was detected at 29,000 ug/kg and naphthalene was detected at 38,000 ug/kg. Metals were identified in soil samples at concentration above the UUSCOs. Mercury was detected at 5.1 mg/kg and lead was detected at 4,400 mg/kg. Eleven (11) groundwater samples were analyzed. The analytical data revealed VOCs concentrations in groundwater exceeded NYS groundwater standards. Benzene was detected at 1,500 ug/L and total xylenes were detected at 4,900 ug/L. SVOCs were detected in groundwater in multiple samples at concentration above applicable standards. Metals were identified in groundwater samples at concentration above applicable standards. Manganese was detected at 1,300 mg/L and sodium was detected at 330,000 mg/L. Twelve (12) soil vapor samples were analyzed. Analytical data revealed the presence of VOCs in these soil samples. Benzene was detected at 831 ug/m3 and total xylenes were detected at 21,400 ug/m3. Numerous other VOC compounds were also detected.

Site Health Assessment
Information submitted with the BCP application regarding the conditions at the site are currently under review and will be revised as additional information becomes available.

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