107-23 Farragut Rd, Brooklyn, NY 11210


VCP brownfield CVOCs "vapor intrusion"

The property is owned by New York City and subleased by Federal Express through Cargex Corp.  The former operator that contributed to the current day contamination is Duralab, a laboratory equipment manufacturer.
Site Description[1]
The site is contaminated with trichloroethylene (TCE) which was used as a degreaser at the former Duralab facility which was located on the site. TCE was detected in groundwater in the range of 100 to 240,000 ppb. Soil Vapor Extraction and Air Sparging SVE/AS) system was operated for more than two years and remediated the groundwater contamination. The system was shut down after the concentration of TCE in groundwater was reduced to asymptotic levels. Post shut down groundwater monitoring was performed and indicated that the residual groundwater contamination is not leaving the property. The property is owned by New York City and subleased by Federal Express through Cargex Corp. Institutional controls involving deed restrictions were executed in April 2006 and prohibit the property for residential usage. Quarterly groundwater monitoring is continuing.

Site Environmental Assessment
On-site trichloroethylene (TCE) contaminated groundwater plume has been remediated through a soil vapor extraction/air sparging (SVE/AS) remedial system. The residual groundwater contamination plume is not leaving the property and is managed through Deed Restrictions.

Site Health Assessment
There are no known human exposure pathways for chemicals in the on-site subsurface soil. Although groundwater is contaminated, public water serves the surrounding community. The NYSDOH and NYSDEC will be evaluating the need to conduct additional investigations to determine the potential for soil vapor intrusion into structures on or near the site.

Contaminants of Concern
Type of Waste Quantity




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