5100 Kings Plaza, Brooklyn, NY 11234

Marine Park

VOCs CVOCs brownfield "vapor intrusion" SSDS

Site Description[1]
The Site is located at 5100 Avenue U, Brooklyn, NY 11234, and represents the eastern portion of Block 8471, Lot 55 and Lot 114 on the Tax Map of the New York, Kings County, Section 1. The site is bordered by Avenue U to the north, by Mill Basin to the south, by the Kings Plaza Shopping Center main building to the west, and by a vacant lot to the east. For remedial and development purposes, the site was divided into three Operable Units: OU-1 is located on the southern part of the mall's access road (extention of the E 55th Street over the Mill Basin). OU-1 had four 15,000 gallon underground storage tanks (USTs) under the sidewalk east of the mall. Underground piping went beneath the driveway to a heating system pump room located under the elevated part of the access road to the mall's 3 floor garage. OU-2 is a 300' x 300' parcel on the northern part of the mall's access road. Historical uses on OU-2 include the Presto Plastic Facility. OU-3 consists of the 5.9 acre former mall's parking lot, east of the access road. OU-3 was a Petroleum Bulk Storage (PBS) site operated as the Standard Motor Oil Terminal. This former terminal had 24 USTs with associated vaults, pipes, and a pump station. The entire site was covered by 10 to 12 feet of historic fill material, which contains Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs). In 1999, two spills were opened on OU-1. Petroleum in the form of a non-aqueous phase liquid (NAPL) was found in the groundwater. A pump and treatment system operated on site to address the NAPL in groundwater. By Spring 2006 no NAPL was detected. In July 2006, a pipe under the access road broke and a new spill (# 0603800) was reported. In February 2008, the 4 USTs and the pump room were removed and disposed of off site. The excavations were backfilled with clean material. The closure report is expected in June 2008. The OU-3 Remedial Action consisted of excavation and off-site disposal of the 24 USTs, and backfilling with clean material. A Lowe's store is designed for OU-3. The construction is planned to start in summer 2008. The building will have a soil vapor barrier and a sub slab soil vapor depressurization system. Monitoring the site will be required.

Site Environmental Assessment
The contaminants of concern include no. 2 and no. 6 heating oil, a hot spot of tetrachloroethylene (PCE), a hot spot of ethylphthalate, some metals, and PAHs from the historic fill material. The impacted media are the soil, groundwater and soil vapor.

Site Health Assessment
On-site subsurface soils and groundwater at this site are contaminated with petroleum related constituents. The site is covered by buildings, a shopping plaza, and a paved access road with sidewalks, therefore, contact with contaminated soils is unlikely. The area is served by public water and there are no private wells in use, therefore, exposure to contaminated groundwater is unlikely. A vapor barrier and sub-slab depressurization system will be installed as a preventative measure to minimize the potential for soil vapor intrusion into the on-site building.

Contaminants of Concern
Type of Waste Quantity




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