1932 Ralph Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11234

Bergen Beach

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Ralph Associates Co., c/o Bert Lewis
Site Description[1]
Bon Ton Cleaners is a dry cleaning business that is located within a strip mall at 1932 Ralph Ave. in Brooklyn. The surrounding area is a mix of commercial and residential properties. It has been reported that this business location has housed a dry cleaning facility since 1960 and has had several operators during that time. The Volunteer's remediation Work Plan was approved in July 2004, and included soil vapor extraction (SVE) and chemical oxidation to clean up perchloroethene (PCE) contamination in the soil, groundwater, and soil vapor at this site. Pilot testing of the SVE/chemical oxidation remedy began in August 2004. An approved AS/SVE system began operation in March 2005. Operation of the AS/SVE system as well as groundwater monitoring are substantially complete. Since soil vapor levels are significantly lower, the AS system has been shut down. The SVE system remains in operation to function as a sub-slab Depressurization system. Site Management Plan is under review.

Site Environmental Assessment
The contaminant of concern is perchloroethene (PCE). PCE has impacted on-site soils, groundwater, and soil vapor. Because of remediation efforts, PCE levels have been significantly reduced.

Site Health Assessment
The site is an active dry cleaner located in a strip mall. Past disposal practices resulted in tetrachloroethene and associated breakdown products contaminating the groundwater, subsurface and indoor air at the site. The potential for exposure to site-related contamination from groundwater is not likely since homes and businesses in the area are connected to public water. Exposure to subsurface contamination is also unlikely since the site is developed with commercial buildings and paved parking lots. An air sparging and soil vapor extraction system has been installed to remediate contaminated soils and vapors.

Contaminants of Concern
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