286 Water Street, New York, NY, 10038


VCP MGP VOCs "Vapor Intrusion" brownfield

NYC Dept. of Parks and Recreation
Site Description[1] 
The site is the location of a former portable gas works used for pilot demonstration of gas manufacturing technology. It operated in the rear yard of 286 Water Street and fed a street lamp located in an adjacent house at 7 Cherry Street in the former Franklin Square. It was operated in early 1824 for an unknown length of time. The site is currently occupied by the Manhattan anchor tower of the Brooklyn Bridge. Con Ed has scheduled a Site Characterization for 2009.

Site Environmental Assessment
No environmental investigations have been completed to date. However, given the use of the site and subsequent construction of the Brooklyn Bridge, significant environmental impacts are not expected.

Site Health Assessment
NYSDOH has insufficient information to fully evaluate the potential for human exposures.

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