West 65th - West 66th St, New York, NY 10023

Upper West Side

VCP MGP VOCs "Vapor Intrusion" brownfield

NYC Board of Education and ConEd
Site Description[1] 
This site is located between 65th and 66th Streets, Amsterdam Avenue and West End Avenue in Manhattan. The site operated as a manufactured gas plant between circa 1868 and 1879. By 1882, the site became exclusively a gas holder operation until 1957. The site is currently occupied by the Martin Luther King, Jr. HS and a Con Edison substation. The Site Characterization was completed in August 2003, with a final SC report approved in June 2004. MGP residuals were not detected at the site and no further action is necessary. A release and covenant not to sue was issued by DEE. No IC/ECs required.

Site Environmental Assessment
No significant MGP residuals were identified during the SC. No further action is necessary.

Site Health Assessment
Public water is provided to the area, thereby preventing exposures to groundwater. Public exposures are not expected since the investigation of the site found little evidence of waste material.

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