Pleasant Ave between E 114th & E 116th St., New York, NY 10029

East Harlem

VCP MGP "Vapor Intrusion" SSDS brownfield

Site Description[1] 
This site is the location of a former manufactured gas plant. The plant operated between 1895 and 1936. It was located between 114th and 115th Streets, from Pleasant Avenue to the Harlem River. The site is currently occupied by The Manhattan Center for Science and Math. A Remedial Investigation was intiated in 2003, with additional investigations in 2004. The final RI Report was approved in September 2005 showing significant contamination under the school. Contamination has migrated off site under the Harlem River, but the contamination in the river is under a thick layer of sediment, so the Division of Marine Resources has indicated that it does not represent an exposure concern. The Alternatives Analysis was submitted in 2007 and is currently being revised. The remedy will include a sub-slab depressurization system for the school, and the design for that system is moving forward concurrently with the alternatives analysis, as is development of a site management plan.

Site Environmental Assessment
A Remedial Investigation was started in 2003. The site has been found to be impacted with MGP wastes, but all contamination appears to be subsurface, and no completed exposure pathways have been identified. In January 2005 additional investigation at the site confirmed that coal tar has migrated into the Harlem River sediments, but significantly below the sediment surface, so this contamination is not impacting the aquatic environment at this time.

Site Health Assessment
Public water is provided to the area, thereby preventing exposures to groundwater. Site-related contamination has been found, but it is not available for direct contact. Current data indicate that vapors are not migrating into the school that is on-site. Additional data will be assessed, as it becomes available.

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