Pearl St. between Park Row & South St., New York, NY 10038


VCP MGP VOCs "Vapor Intrusion" brownfield

Site Description[1] 
The site is currently occupied by a multi-unit co-op apartment building. The site operated as a gas holder station from approximately 1834 to 1865. Access issues delayed the performance of the field work. The October 2007 Site Characterization Study report concluded that no further action is required based on site investigation. The Department, in a letter dated February 4, 2008 to Con Edison concurs with the report findings and approved no further action for the site. The relase has been requested from OGC by a memo dated 3/17/08 A Release and Covenant Not to Sue letter was issued in May 2008.

Site Environmental Assessment
A Site Characterization Work Plan was approved in 2003, but has not been executed yet (as of 11/06) due to access issues.

Site Health Assessment
A Site Characterization Report was completed at the site in May 2007. The analytical results presented in that report did not indicate the presence of MGP related contaminants in on-site surface soil, subsurface soil or groundwater. In addition, no physical evidence of the former gas house, gas holders or potential residue of past gas house operations were identified. Low levels of several volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds were detected in on-site sub-slab soil vapor and indoor and outdoor air. However, these levels do not present a public health concern. In addition, due to the absence of MGP contamination found in on-site soil and groundwater, the source of these compounds cannot be attributed to the former MGP. Since former MGP contaminants were not found on-site, the site does not represent a significant threat to human health.

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