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City of New York
Site Description[1] 
Parkview Commons applied to enter BCP program in April 2004. ENB notice and newspaper ads were issued on April 14th. Public comment period on the application ended on May 14, 2004. This property (0.67 acres in size) is located in an urban area comprised primarily of commercial and multi-family residential properties in the Bronx, New York. The Parkview commons Site is an irregular-shaped parcel, located on the west side of Elton Avenue and fronting on East 161st Street. It runs through the block to East 160th Street, and is designated as Block 2383, Section 9, Lots 16, 20, 22, 23, 24, 25, 27, 28, and 30 on the Tax Map of the Borough of the Bronx, City of New York. Real property is comprised of various lots on the Melrose Commons Urban Renewal Area Site Map. All buildings on the site were demolished and the site remained vacant. Historic uses of the property include a restaurant, an automobile upholstery store, a gasoline station and an automobile service facility and mixed residential and commercial structures. Phase I Environmental Site Assessment was conducted in May 2003 and identified areas of concern. Phase II Investigation was completed in 2004. Remedial Investigation identified low levels of VOCs and elevated levels of PAHs in soils in the vicinity of the former USTs. Elevated levels of metals, pesticides and PAHs were documented in the central portion of the Site. Soil Gas sampling indicates the presence of high levels of VOCs, including both gasoline related compounds and chlorinated solvents (PCE). Groundwater sampling indicates no contamination. After execution of BCP Agreement, Parkview Commons property has been remediated through excavation, removal and off-site disposal (225 tons) of hazardous soils and excavation and removal of contaminated non-hazardous soils. Excavated areas have been backfilled with clean soils. A Vapor Extraction System (VES) has been installed under the slab of the on-site building. Parkview Commons is being developed as a mixed use affordable housing development. Parkview property will contain 110 rental apartments for low income households along with 7,000 square feet of commercial space and an open courtyard/play area. All units will be rented to families whose income is less than 60% of area’s median income. Several units will be set aside for homeless families. This project is being financed by the NYC Housing Development Corp. Low Income Affordable Market Plan Program. Total Property development costs are approximately $24 million and the remedial component of these costs is approximately $800,000. All remedial work is complete. Environmental Easements have been recorded with the New York City on August 23, 2006. A Certificate of Completion was issued on November 2, 2006. Apartment buildings have been constructed and are being rented out as of November 2006.

Site Environmental Assessment
The property has been completely remediated through excavation and off-site disposal of pesticide contaminated soils, contaminated non-hazardous soils and by installation of vapor barrier system beneath the newly constructed buildings. A small court yard area was excavated of contaminated soils, a barrier layer was installed and was backfilled by clean soils. Environmental Easements have been recorded with the City of New York on August 23, 2006. Certification of Completion was issued on November 2, 2006. Site Management Plan has been approved and is being executed.

Site Health Assessment
Remediation of the site included excavation and removal of soils contaminated with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and metals. A sub-slab depressurization system installed beneath new construction will serve as a preventative measure to minimize the potential for exposures due to soil vapor intrusion. The area is served by public water, therefore exposure via contaminated groundwater is not expected.

Contaminants of Concern
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