163-164th & Washington Ave, Bronx, NY 10457


Brownfield SVOCs VOCs CVOCs "Vapor Intrusion"

NYC Economic Development Corp.
Site Description[1] 
The approximately 2 1/4 acre parcel is located in a mostly industrial and commercial area in the south Bronx, New York City. The site is currently mostly vacant property with scattered scrap metal debris, old tires, former automotive repair shops and junk yards. Pressly and Associates conducted a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment in February 2001 and a Phase II Environmental Assessment in September 2002 on behalf of the Volunteer. The Remedial Investigation Report,approved on May 1, 2006, identified soil and soil vapor contamination on site. The Remedial Action Work Plan was approved in September 2007. Construction Began in August 2008 and is ongoing.

Site Environmental Assessment
The Phase I Environmental Site Assessment identified environmental concerns due to disposal or spills of waste oil, solvents, and other chemicals from the junk yards and automotive repair shops. The Phase II Enviromental Assessment results showed semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOCs) and metals, most notably lead, in the soils. Groundwater results showed low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), primarily tetrachloroethene, however the groundwater results are not unlike background groundwater quality results in the area. The watertable is reportedly at about 15 feet below grade. A Remedial Investigation Report, approved on May 1, 2006, identifed elevated levels of PCE and 2,2,4 Trimethylpentane in the soil vapor, and SVOCs and metals in the shallow soils.

Site Health Assessment
The area is served by municipal water, therefore exposures to contaminated groundwater are not expected. The surface soils on the vacant lot are contaminated with petroleum hydrocarbons and heavy metals that trespassers (especially homeless people living on the site) could come into contact with. To eliminate this exposure pathway, the surface soil will be removed and/or capped during remedial construction. Soil vapor is also contaminated with chlorinated solvents, but soil removal and sub-slab depressurization systems in future buildings should prevent exposures during future site use.

Contaminants of Concern
Type of Waste Quantity

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