3100 3rd Avenue, Bronx, NY 10451


Brownfield VOCs CVOCs "Vapor Intrusion"

NYC Dept of Housing Preservation and Development
Site Description[1] 
The Cornerstone property is located at the northeast corner of 3rd Avenue and E. 158th Street in the Bronx County, New York. The site is approximately 0.175 acres in size. The main site feature includes an unoccupied one story abandoned building with basement, and two adjacent vacant lots. The adjacent vacant lots are not part of the BCP Site, but are part of the proposed redevelopment. The site is currently inactive but between 1969 and 1979 a portion of the building was used as a dry cleaner. Other portions of the building housed an upholstery business, stores and an undertaker. The surrounding parcels are currently used for a combination of residential, commercial, and manufacturing. Prior use that appears to have led to site contaminations includes leaks and spills from dry cleaner operations. As of this update, completed investigation includes phase I (2004) and Remedial Investigation (2007). Additional subsurface investigation is warranted.

Site Environmental Assessment
The primary contaminant of concern at the site is PCE, which is impacting soil and groundwater. Soil gas is also a concern. Data from previous investigations indicate that groundwater has been impacted by PCE, mainly in the south/southwest portion of the site. Exceedances of standards, criteria, and guidance includes PCE in groundwater. Depth to groundwater ranges from 16.2 to 25 feet. Currently there is insufficient data to make a determination regarding significant threat.

Site Health Assessment
Information submitted with the BCP application regarding the conditions at the site are currently under review and will be revised as additional information becomes available.

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