820-832 Melrose Ave. & 400 E. 160th St, Bronx, NY 10456


"Environmental Restoration Program" SVOCs VOCs CVOCs "Vapor Intrusion"

Site Description[1] 
The subject Site is located in the Borough of the Bronx and is legally designated Block 2381, Lots: 1, 6, 7,9,10,11,12,13,14,15, 33-40 and 70. The Subject Site is located on the east side of Melrose Avenue between 159th and 160th Streets. The Subject Site is currently vacant, with the majority of the site being partially overgrown with weeds and containing remnant building foundations, former auto repair shops on lots 1 and 9, a former residence with ground floor commercial on lot 6, and several other residences. The Subject Site is proposed to be redeveloped with an approximately 1 acre park site, which may include a playground area including play equipment, swings, and safety surfaces; a handball court and/or basketball courts, and may also be improved with benches and picnic tables. The Subject Site is situated in an area known as Melrose Commons, and surrounding the site are mix of commercial and residential properties. The Melrose Commons neighborhood was a former industrial/commercial area that was declared an Urban Renewal Area and is in the process of being redeveloped for residential purposes, and supporting commercial and community uses. The Subject Site topography is relatively flat and the topography in the surrounding area slopes gently south-southwest toward the Bronx Kill. Based on regional hydrogeologic setting, groundwater was anticipated to be within 15 feet of the ground surface and groundwater flow direction is anticipated to be south-southwest toward the Bronx Kill. As of this update, investigation activities include a Final Environmental Impact Statement (1994), Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (March 2005). Additionally a portion of the Subject Site, Block 2381, Lot 7, known as 406 160th Street was subject of a site investigation in 2001.

Site Environmental Assessment
Based on the RI Report dated 10/3/07, in general, the site-wide low level SVOCs and metals were detected above NYSDEC TAGM values in the surface fill materials. There are four discrete areas in which residual contaminants were encountered at levels in excess of background concentrations.The soil sample results from the test pits exhibited petroleum related breakdown products as tentatively identified compounds. Benzene and its breakdown were detected in samples TP-2 (2-4") and TP-7 (6'). Groundwater quality has been shown to be impacted by inorganic compounds throughout the Site in excess of NYSDEC limitation standards for potable groundwater. Soil gas samples exhibited low level detections of both petroleum products and solvents.The presence of low levels of soil gas detected beneath the property suggests the potential for future on-site vapor intrusion issues, should any buildings be constructed on the site. As a precautionary measure, any planned on-site building design should include provision for the installation of a vapor barrier and active or passive sub-slab depressurization system.

Site Health Assessment
On-site soil is contaminated with petroleum related volatile organic compounds (VOC's), heavy metals, and semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOC's). The site is vacant and has remnant building foundations, a former auto repair shop is present, and the site is overgrown with weeds. A fence surrounds the site and all entrances are locked. The excavation area is fenced off with temporary snow fencing. There is a potential for trespassers to be exposed to contaminated surface soil. Groundwater is contaminated with heavy metals, however, ingestion exposure is not expected since the area is served with public drinking water. Sub slab soil vapor on the site was found to have elevated levels of petroleum related VOC's. This would pose a potential for soil vapor intrusion and subsequent inhalation exposure if buildings are constructed on-site in the future.

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