2614 University Avenue, Bronx, NY 10468

Fordham Manor

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2614 Kingsbridge Corp.
Site Description[1] 
The site is located at 2614 and 2620 University Avenue, Bronx County, Block 3215, Lot 11 and Lot 14. The 2614 Kingsbridge Corporation has operated a parking garage at the site since it purchased the property in 1973. Historical information indicated that there were three 550-gallon underground gasoline storage tanks located beneath the garage. Phase II investigation identified petroleum impacts to the soil and groundwater. Additional sampling indicated tetrachloroethene (PCE) release believed to be from a former dry cleaner offsite at 2628 University Ave. and a gasoline release from the former underground storage tanks at 2614 University Avenue. The remedial measures commenced in 2000 under the Voluntary Cleanup Program and involved excavation and removal of the underground storage tanks and associated soils; soils contaminated with PCE and BTEX products (benzene, ethyl-benzene, toluene, xylene); the installation and operation of the Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE) system to address any residual contamination and groundwater monitoring to assess the effectiveness of these remedial actions. A total of 3,070 tons of contaminated soil was removed and disposed off-site. SVE system operated continuously for two years. The semi-annual groundwater monitoring program was implemented in June 2001, following completion of the remedy. Engineering controls and Institutional Controls involving deed restriction are in-place. A sub-slab depressurization system was installed during building construction. The new building for home and hospital for the aged has been constructed and consists of seven floors with 50 residential units for affordable housing for seniors. The remediation was completed in March 2007 with the approval of the Site Management Plan.

Site Environmental Assessment
Contaminants of concern at the site used to include Chlorinated Volatile Organic Compounds (cis-1,2-Dichloroethene, Trichloroethene, Tetrachloroethene) and BTEX products (benzene, ethyl-benzene, toluene, xylene). Impacted media included soil, soil gas, and groundwater. As a result of the remediation implemented at the site, concentrations of the contaminants of concern declined substantially. Groundwater underneath the site is not used for drinking. Drinking water is supplied from upstate reservoirs. The remediation was completed in March 2007 with the approval of the Site Management Plan. An SVE system was installed and ran for two years. Deed restriction is in place. The Department does not see any unacceptable impacts to the environment from the Site provided the Site Managent Plan continues to be implemented.

Site Health Assessment
Volatile organic compounds are present in the groundwater at this site, however, exposure via ingestion is not expected as the area is served by public water. The potential for soil vapor intrusion in the on-site building has been mitigated by the installation and operation of a sub-slab depressurization system under the building.

Contaminants of Concern
Type of Waste Quantity

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