E. 138th - E. 140th St, Bronx, NY 10454

Port Morris

VCP MGP VOCs "Vapor Intrusion" brownfield

Site Description[1] 
The East 138th Street Works former Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) site is located in a urban portion of Bronx County, NY. The site is approximately 12 acres in size and is located between East 138th St., East 141st St., Rose Feiss Blvd., and the East River. The site includes three large buildings that each occupy a block in the north, east and northeast portions of the site. The western portion of the site is made up of three lots that occupy one block each. The southern portion of the site, closest to the East River, holds duct work, containers and pipe lines.  The site is currently occupied by commercial/industrial businesses, a bulk fuel terminal, and parking lots.  The surrounding parcels are currently used for a combination of commercial and industrial purposes. The nearest residential area is approximately a quarter mile from the site. The former manufactured gas plant operated between (est.) 1870 and 1935. Prior uses that may have led to site contamination are gas generation using a coal gas process, and carbureted water gas processes. The site also held compressors, exhausters, condensers, tar extractors, scrubbers, purifiers, oil pumps, storage tanks, ammonia liquor tanks, oil heaters and tar pumps which may have led to contamination. As of this update no investigations have been conducted at the site, however, Consolidated Edison has entered into a legal agreement to investigate this former MGP site.  A Site Characterization is scheduled to commence in 2009.

Site Environmental Assessment
A Site Characterization investigation is schedule to commence in 2009.

Site Health Assessment
NYSDOH has insufficient information to fully evaluate the potential for human exposures.

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