1066 Zerega Ave, Bronx, NY 10462


VCP MGP VOCs "Vapor Intrusion" brownfield

Twin Pines Fuel Corp.
Site Description[1] 
This site is the location of a former manufactured gas plant, which operated between 1904 and 1929 using a carburetted water gas process. Between 1945 and 2002, the site was utilized by a series of petroleum bulk storage facilities. Due to the complicated history of contamination on the site, both petroleum impacts and MGP impacts are anticipated. The responsible party for the petroleum contamination entered bankruptcy and eventually sold the site, delaying the start of the investigation. SC field work began in January 2008 and is still under way as of Feb 1 2008.

Site Environmental Assessment
The facility is known from previous investigations and spill reports to be significantly impacted with both petroleum and MGP constituents. Upon completion of the Site Characterization a cleanup plan for the site will be adopted.

Site Health Assessment
Manufactured gas plant waste and petroleum related contamination have been identified in surface, subsurface soil and groundwater at the site. There is a potential for exposure to site-related impacted surface soils through direct contact in areas that are not paved or covered by buildings. Exposure to site-related contaminants in groundwater is not likely since homes and businesses near the site are connected to public water. Investigations are being conducted to further delineate the extent of contamination.

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