Zerega Ave. between Blackrock & Watson Ave's, Bronx, NY, 10462


VCP MGP VOCs "Vapor Intrusion" brownfield

Acute Realty Inc, ConEd
Site Description[1] 
The Zerega Avenue Station is a series of former MGP gas holders located across Zerega Avenue from the Unionport MGP. The holders were in use during and after the life of the MGP plant, from circa 1904 until 1966. (The Unionport MGP closed in 1928). The site is currently occupied by a school bus terminal. A site characterization work plan was approved in May 2007. Field work is slated for late 2008.

Site Environmental Assessment
No information is available. A Site Characterization is scheudled for 2006.

Site Health Assessment
NYSDOH has insufficient information to fully evaluate the potential for human exposures.

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