69-60 188th Street, Queens, NY 11365

Fresh Meadows

Brownfield VOCs CVOCs "Vapor Intrusion"

Site Description[1] 
This 0.3 acre site, a dry cleaning establishment is located in a commercial/residential area in a small shopping mall located at 69-60 188th Street in Queens, New York and comprised a portion of the Fresh Meadows Residential Community and Commercial Development. The site has been used as a dry cleaning establishment since at least 1983. The area in which the site is located was a golf course prior to 1947. Perchloroethylene and fuel oil have been used at the site. An Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE) system has been installed at the site and has been working efficiently since January 2006. A subslab soil vapor and indoor air investigation is on-going.

Site Environmental Assessment
Perchloroethene ("PCE"), trichloroethene ("TCE"), other solvents and petroleum-impacted soil and groundwater have been identified in the Phase I and the Phase II Environmental Site Assessment. Soils exhibit Tetrachloroethene to 1,200 ppm and groundwater to 120 ppb. The contaminated groundwater is within an USEPA designated sole-source aquifer. Indoor air and sub-slab sampling activity was conducted in March 2008. The influent air sample collected at the SVE system recorded 770 and 95 ppb of PCE and TCE respectively. The level of TCE detected in all IAQ samples was satisfactory except for 1 sample collected at the Blockbuster basement at 83 ppb. No source was indentified for this unexplained exceedance. In addition, the outdoor air sample collected near the vent fan of the dry cleaner registered PCE at 356 ppb. Further investigation is necessary to determine if the SVE/AS system can be decommissioned.

Site Health Assessment
On-site groundwater, soil and soil vapor are contaminated with volatile organic compounds, mainly tetrachloroethene. The area is served by public water; therefore, ingestion exposure is not expected. Contaminated soil is located beneath on-site buildings and pavement; therefore contact exposure is not expected. A soil vapor extraction system has been installed beneath the on-site building. Therefore, inhalation exposure via vapor intrusion has been minimized. Soil vapor sampling at the site perimeter indicates that off-site migration of contaminated soil vapor is not occurring.

Contaminants of Concern
Type of Waste Quantity

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