151-45 6th Rd Whitestone, Queens, NY 11357


Brownfield SVOCs VOCs "Vapor Intrusion" SSDS

151-45 Sixth Rd Whitestone Partners, LLC
Site Description[1] 
This site is approximately 12.5 acres in size. The site is surrounded by residences to the south and east, the East River to the north and industry to the west. The site is generally flat with most of the site soils being historic fill. Currently, the site is vacant, awaiting remediation. Future use of this site will be for residential use. Prior uses of the site were residential, a park/pavillion recreation area, a restaurant, a metal shop, boat manufacturer, shooting range, an asphalt plant and a maintenance garage for trucks and buses. As of this update, the Remedial Investigation Report and the Remedial Work Plan are under review.

Site Environmental Assessment
The primary contaminants of concern are BTEX compounds, SVOCs, other VOCs and metals. Investigations so far have shown that the groundwater as well as surface and subsurface soils are contaminated, some with free product. Exceedances of standards, criteria and guidance include BTEX compounds, metals, other VOCs and semivolatiles in soil and groundwater. The RWP includes plans to excavate all soils above the residential cleanup standards.

Site Health Assessment
To prevent the potential for exposure to site-related contaminants via vapor intrusion, all future on-site buildings will include sub-slab depressurization systems. On-site workers and visitors may be exposed to contaminants in surface soil. Also, on-site workers involved in ground intrusive activities may be exposed to contaminants present in sub-surface soil. Exposure to site-related contamination in drinking water is not expected since the area is served by municipal water.

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