33-32 64th Street, Woodside, Queens, NY 11377


Brownfield VOCs "Vapor Intrusion" CVOCs

D&E Realty, Inc.
Site Description[1] 
The 64th Street site is located in the vicinity of the intersection of 34th Avenue and 62nd Street in Queens County. The site is 0.23 acres in area and is bordered on the south by Acme Metal Cap Corp., on the north and west by the Toyota Queensboro Car Dealership, and on the east by 64th Street. The nearby properties include a NYC public school (PS 152 Gwendolyn Alleyne) across the street to the west, and nearby auto repair facilities and a dry cleaning facility to the southwest. The regional groundwater flow direction is generally to the north/northeast. The site is currently owned by D & E Realty, Inc. and is used to store taxi cabs and auto parts. The site is paved and secured with a chain-link fence. Suspected prior operations at the site include industrial and/or manufacturing operations that may have environmentally impacted the site. The surrounding parcels are currently used for a combination of mixed industrial, residential and commercial. The closest residential area is believed to be on 61st Street. Previous environmental investigation in the area, revealed high concentrations of chlorinated volatile organic compounds (specifically Tetrachloroethene) in the soils and groundwater at the site. The eligibility review was completed and the application approved. A Brownfield Cleanup Agreement (BCA) was executed on September 4, 2008. As of this update, the Citizen Participation Plan and the Remedial Investigation Work Plan is under review by the Department.

Site Environmental Assessment
The primary contaminants of concern at the site include chlorinated volatile organic compounds (CVOCs), specifically, Tetrachloroethene (PCE) and associated breakdown products. Previous environmental investigation in the area revealed concentrations of CVOCs exceeding Standards, Criteria, and Guidance values in the soil and groundwater. The site presents a significant threat to the environment due to significant groundwater and soil contamination. A remedial investigation will be necessary in order to define the nature and extent of the contamination, both on- and off-site. Based upon investigations to date, PCE was detected at elevated levels in groundwater, soil vapor and sub-slab soil vapor samples. A potential soil source at the site is most likely contributing to the groundwater / soil vapor contamination in the area. PCE was detected in soil (non-detect up to 19.6 parts per million (ppm) at SB-01) and downgradient groundwater (non-detect up to 42,600 parts per billion (ppb) at MW-02), above the respective soil clean objective of 1.3 ppm and groundwater standard of 5 ppb. No significant contamination has been identified in the groundwater directly upgradient of the site. Trichloroethylene (TCE), which is a degradation product of PCE, was detected in sub-slab soil vapor downgradient of the site (up to 814,949 micrograms per cubic meter) and in downgradient groundwater (non-detect up to 633 ppb at MW-02). PCE and TCE are chlorinated volatile organics that are mobile in groundwater, persistent in soil vapor, and considered carcinogenic. Groundwater was observed approximately 9 feet below ground surface and determined to be flowing in a northeasterly direction. Contamination has been detected migrating downgradient from the site. More information regarding the site can be found in the documents placed in the Site Document Repository.

Site Health Assessment
The site is paved and secured with a chain link fence so it is unlikely for people to come in contact with contaminated soil. The potential for exposure to site-related contaminants from vapor intrusion needs to be evaluated in off-site structures. Exposures to contaminated groundwater are not expected because public water serves the residents from the New York City public drinking water system.

Contaminants of Concern

Type of Waste Quantity

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