123rd Street and 31st Avenue, College Point, Queens, NY, 11354

College Point

Superfund PCBs

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Site Description[1] 
This site is located south of 31st Avenue between southern extensions of 123rd and 124th Streets adjacent to Flushing Bay. Surrounding properties are commercial and industrial. At the time, the site was mostly unpaved and vacant, with open areas which had been apparently excavated for the receipt of liquid wastes. The lagoon depth varied to a maximum of 6 feet and had approximately 15 inches of PCB contaminated oil floating on the surface. The City of New York conducted a removal action during the end of 1980, under direction of the USEPA, removing the oil, water, and sludge from within the lagoons, and a limited amount of soil from beneath the sludge at the base of the lagoons. The sludge layer was tested at the time with the highest concentration being 1 ppm PCBs. Two buildings and a parking area have been constructed over the site. Confirmatory soil samples were collected by NYSDEC in 1989. The analytical sampling data revealed that no hazardous wastes remain at the site.

Site Environmental Assessment
The lagoons contained PCB contaminated oil, and oil and PCB contaminated water and sludge. A removal action was completed in 1980. Samples collected in 1989 confirmed that no hazardous wastes remain at the site. Therefore, the site is no longer a significant threat.

Site Health Assessment
The potential for human exposures at the site is limited to direct contact with PCBs and petroleum hydrocarbons that may have remained after the lagoon was cleaned. However, due to the construction of buildings and a parking area over the former lagoon area, the current potential for exposure is minimal. Groundwater in the area is not used as a source of drinking water, therefore, exposure to contaminated groundwater is not expected.

Contaminants of Concern

Type of Waste Quantity

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