96-20 222nd Street, Queens Village, Queens, NY 11002

Queens Village


Site Description[1] 
From 1925 to 1956 this facility produced costume jewelry. Waste produced from the manufacturing process included copper and chromium salts, and nitric, sulfuric and phosphoric spent acids. The wastes were directed to two small separate subsurface disposal areas (dry wells), which were operated from 1925 to 1960. In 1956, Deknatel began manufacturing surgical needles at this location. Waste disposal from this operation included chromic, phosphoric, and sulfuric acids as well as copper salts. In 1960, a waste stream, from disposal point I (DPI), was directed to the NYC sanitary sewer. A Consent Order (CO) for the investigation of this site was executed in March 1992. A Remedial Investigation / Feasibility Study (RI/FS) has been completed. The Record of Decision (ROD) selected soil excavation, off-site disposal, and a groundwater extraction and disposal system. Remedial activities began with soil excavation in 1994. The entire property was excavated to the depths of 55 feet to groundwater and all contaminated soils were disposed of off site. The excavated areas were backfilled with clean sand. The groundwater extraction and disposal system was installed and was operated effectively thru 2001. The PRP's request to shut down the groundwater extraction system was granted. Groundwater monitoring continued through 2003. Pfizer's petition to delist this site from Registry was approved in November 2003. This property is being used as a parking lot for nearby church.

Site Environmental Assessment
Soil contamination has been remediated. A Groundwater extraction system was operated for several years and is now disconnected. Easements have been instituted.

Site Health Assessment
This is a fenced inactive facility. The soil contamination has been excavated and removed, thereby eliminating potential direct exposure to on-site soil. The groundwater extraction system effectively reduced contamination levels in groundwater. Groundwater monitoring has ceased. There are no private drinking water wells in the area. Public water, which is mostly derived from a distant source, is supplied to the area.

Contaminants of Concern

Type of Waste Quantity

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