Between 20th Ave, the East River, and Luyster Creek Queens, NY 11105


Superfund MGP VOCs "Vapor Intrusion"

Site Description[1] 
This site is a former manufactured gas plant operated by Con Edison. The plant began operations as an oven gas plant in 1906. During the 1920's, the plant was considered the world's largest gas manufacturing plant, producing up to 86 million cubic feet of gas per day. Con Edison acquired the property in 1936 from Astoria Heat, Light and Power Company. The plant was subsequently upgraded to include water gas, producer gas, and LP-Air process capability. The plant continued operations into the early 1960s. The site was originally 316 acres, bounded by the East River, 20th avenue, and Luyster Creek. Portions of the property have been sold over time to electric power producers who currently operate the electric generating stations at the site. A portion of the Site Investigation is being overseen by the Region 2 RCRA Corrective Action program. A remedial investigation work plan is scheduled to be submitted by ConEd by the fourth quarter of 2008.

Site Environmental Assessment
The Site Investigation is underway. MGP residuals have been found across the site. The Department is awaitng submittal of an investigation report from Con Edison.

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