Fort Totten, Queens, NY, 11359

Fort Totten

superfund mercury

US Dept of the Army, US Department of Transportation, US Department of Defense
Site Description[1] 
The Fort Totten site is a 9.6 acre Coast Guard facility within a 147 acre Federal property located on the southern bank of the Long Island Sound at Willets Point in Queens, NY. The site contains 15 buildings and a pier. Fort Totten is used primarily as a training facility for military engineers. There are some residences on-site, as well as several maintenance facilities. The property surrounding the site consists of the former Army base, some of which has been closed and transferred to the City of New York for Municipal use, the balance is retained by the federal government as an active Army Reserve post. Fort Totten has been used for a variety of military purposes since 1864, including weapons development, troop training and drilling. A remedial investigation was performed by the US Army Corps of Engineers and a "No Further Action" determination was issued for the Little Bay portion of the site in 2003. An upland area of the facility is still being evaluated and a focused feasibiility study was issued in the spring of 2009. A final remedy is expected in the late fall of 2009.

Site Environmental Assessment
The Division of Marine Resources had determined that the mercury contamination found in the sediments of Little Bay were at levels high enough to be potentially detrimental to benthic and fish life. The RI determined that the mercury was not causing a significant impact at the time of sampling, and a No Further Action Record of Decision was issued in 2003. The bay was resampled in 2006, and the data confirmed that the earlier decision was correct.

Site Health Assessment
Exposure to contaminated groundwater by ingestion is not expected since groundwater beneath this site is not used for drinking water. The floor drains and mercury-contaminated soils in the basement of Building 615 have been removed, thereby eliminating the potential for direct exposure to contaminants in the basement. Mercury in Little Bay sediments has not been detected at concentrations that represent a public health concern.

Contaminants of Concern
Type of Waste Quantity

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