107-10 180th Street, Jamaica, Queens, NY


Superfund VOCs CVOCs "Vapor Intrusion" SSDS

West Side Corporation c/o Martin Ozer, Esq
Site Description[1] 
The site is a 4.5 acre parcel of land located at 107-10 180th Street in Jamaica. The surrounding area is mixed commercial and residential. This site was operated by West Side Corporation as a storage and distribution center for chemicals used in the dry cleaning industry from the early 1970s to 1992. The operating facility included the original building (approximately 60 feet by 360 feet in size), five ten-thousand gallon above ground storage tanks which were used for the storage and eventual distribution of tetrachloroethylene (PCE), as well as seven buried fuel storage tanks. The above ground tanks were closed and removed after operations ceased in 1992. A report obtained from the New York City Department of Law showed that groundwater and soils at the site have been contaminated by spills of PCE. The PCE was unloaded from trucks and sometimes from railroad tank cars into the on-site tank farm, where it was stored until it was transferred into 55-gallon drums for distribution to dry cleaning establishments. The facility is currently leased by a bus company (Atlantic Express) and is used for servicing, storage and dispatch of school buses. A Remedial Investigation and Feasibility Study (RI/FS) has been completed by the NYSDEC under the State Superfund program. The Record of Decision for the on-site (Operable Unit-1) location was signed on July 31, 2000. The OU-1 construction was completed including source area treatment and installation of an SVE system in late 2006. The SVE system is currently operating at the site. The Record of Decision for the off-site groundwater operable unit (OU-2) was signed on February 20, 2002. The off-site pump and treat system design was completed in 2006 and is scheduled for implementation by the New York City DEP in 2008. An off-site soil vapor intrusion investigation (OU-3) was initiated in late 2005 and has identified potential vapor intrusion impacts to more than 30 structures. Sub-slab depressurization systems have been installed in 12 homes to date. The SVI investigation will continue through 2008 with ongoing monitoring and additional mitigation planned.

Site Environmental Assessment
Past on-site activities have contaminated the soil and groundwater with high levels of PCE. Regional groundwater is part of a sole-source aquifer that originally served the Jamaica Water Supply Company. The on-site remediation is complete. The source area has been treated and an SVE is currently operating at the site. The off-site pump and treat system is scheduled to start construction in 2008. Soil vapor investigations have been conducted in the area and mitigation systems have been installed. Further soil vapor investigations were ongoing in early 2008.

Site Health Assessment
Past activities at the site contaminated the soil and groundwater with tetrachloroethene. The groundwater in this area was used by the Jamaica Water Supply Company to provide public water. The Jamaica Water Supply Co. closed several wells near the site in 1982. The remaining Jamaica Water Supply wells are located a distance away from the site and are monitored on a routine basis to ensure compliance with state drinking water standards. The source area, contaminated soil on site, has been remediated. Exposure to volatile organic compounds in indoor air due to soil vapor intrusion is being investigated. Homes effected by soil vapor intrusion have been offered mitigation systems or continued sampling depending on the levels detected. Mitigation systems or monitoring will continue to be offered at homes where warranted. The NYSDOH conducted a Cancer Incidence Study in the vicinity of the West Side Corp. site and did not find an elevated incidence of cancer in the area.

Contaminants of Concern
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