38-31 9th Street, Long Island City, Queens, NY 11101

Long Island City

Superfund SVOCs VOCs "Vapor Intrusion"

National Rubber Adhesives, Inc.
Site Description[1] 
The property is located within an urban industrialized section of Long Island City. The site extends 335 feet from the north to the south and 117 feet from the west to the east. The entire site is occupied by a 30,000 square feet, one story building. There is a small courtyard in the central portion of the building, on it's western side. The site is approximately 15 to 20 feet above mean sea level. The nearest surface water body is the East River, approximately one quarter mile west of the site. The property is registered with the USEPA as a small quantity generator of hazardous waste, and is also listed as a registered Petroleum Bulk Storage Facility (PBS) and a Chemical Bulk Storage Facility (CBS). Five underground storage tanks (USTs) were closed in-place, including one toluene, two gasoline, one methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) and one heptane UST. Two USTs with a storage capacity of 1500 gallons are currently in service at the site storing heptane. Site ownership changed in 2002. The new owners originally entered the Volunteer Cleanup Program to address hazardous waste contamination but switched to the Brownfield Cleanup Program (BCP). A BCP application was approved in 2004. See site # C241028 for additional information.

Site Environmental Assessment
Previous investigations indicate the site contains a consequential amount of hazardous waste (xylene and toluene). Site impacts to the East River can not be assessed at this time.

Site Health Assessment
Elevated levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOCs), and metals have been identified in soil and groundwater at this site. The area is paved and served by pubic water so exposures to contaminated soils and groundwater are unlikely. Due to the high levels of VOCs in on-site groundwater, there is the potential for exposures related to soil vapor intrusion in surrounding buildings. A soil vapor investigation is planned as part of the ongoing remedial investigation.

Contaminants of Concern
Type of Waste Quantity

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