Liberty Ave & 158th St, Queens, NY, 11451


Superfund MGP VOCs "vapor intrusion"

Site Description[1]
The site is between 158th and 159th Streets. Based on Sanborn maps, the Jamaica Gas Light MGP site began operations sometime prior to 1901. The site was subsquently used as a gas holder site until sometime between 1925 and 1941. The FDA building, the Science Building and playing fields of York College CUNY are located on the site. The gas holder and associated buildings operated at the site from prior to 1951 until 1981. The current land use for the parcels includes a cemetery, vacant land, college buildings and industrial. This site was included in the February 2007 Order with Keyspan/National Grid, with an initial submisson of a site characteization work plan due in the third quarter of 2009.

Site Health Assessment
The NYSDOH will evaluate the potential for impacts to public health from exposure to site contaminants once sufficient information from the investigation of the site becomes available for review.

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