75-09 Woodhaven Blvd, Rego Park, Queens, NY, 11374

Rego Park

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Site Description[1] 
Home Depot has owned the site since 1997. In May 1997, a voluntary Cleanup Agreement (VCA) was executed between DEC and former owner of the site, Allborough Distributors, Inc. (ADI) and Glendale Corporation. Almost immediately after the agreement was executed, they delegated all their responsibilities under the VCA to Home Depot. The site, as defined in the Voluntary Cleanup Agreement, includes tax parcels 46 and 74 in block 3886 and is approximately 6 acres in area. The site is covered by paved parking areas, a Home Depot store, and limited unpaved areas. The surrounding uses are residential, a park area (baseball fields) and commercial. Prior to Home Depot, the site was occupied by five commercial, manufacturing and /or warehouse type structures. Uses were knitting mill, distribution of stationary, office supply, paper packaging, warehouse, GE lamp division. Prior use that might have led site contamination include knitting mill. Numerous phased site investigations have occurred at the site. From September 1995 to April 1997, nine reports have been prepared by two Environmental firms. An air sparge and soil vapor extraction remedial system is in operation since 1999. Quarterly monitoring of groundwater is on going. A proposal to upgrade the remedial system is under review. After sampling conducted under the VCA indicated the groundwater contamination plume may have migrated off-site, the Department conducted 3 immediate investigation work assignments (IIWA's) between 2002 and 2006, to sample down gradient groundwater and soil vapor, and to conduct a soil vapor intrusion (SVI) study in 10 homes south of the site. No further action was warranted in these homes, based on the DOH matrix for soil vapor intrusion. The site was placed on the registry of Inactive Hazardous Waste Disposal sites in 2007, due to the high level of ground water contamination detected off-site in an EPA designated soil source aquifer. Further off-site investigation is warranted.

Site Environmental Assessment
The primary contaminant of concern at the Site is tetrachloroethylene (PCE). Investigations indicated the presence of contamination in Site soils (removed) and groundwater at concentrations above applicable standards, criteria and guidance. Data from an Immediate Investigation Work Assignment performed in 2002, indicates the plume has migrated off-site at a concentration of 6,600 ppb of PCE immediately downgradient of the Home Depot site. The site is a significant environmental threat because the area overlies a sole-source aquifer, and the volatile organic compound, tetrachloroethylene has been found in the groundwater and has migrated off-site.

Site Health Assessment
On-site subsurface soils and groundwater are contaminated with volatile organic compounds. Remedial actions taken place at the site include the excavation of soils from the identified source area. Buildings and pavement cover the site, therefore exposure to residual contaminated soils is unlikely. The area is served by public water, therefore exposure through ingestion of contaminated groundwater is unlikely. A soil vapor intrusion study was conducted in the neighborhood and the results indicated no further action is needed at this time. On-site vapors are being mitigated by the operation of a soil vapor extraction system and a vapor barrier beneath the on-site building. Therefore, the potential for inhalation exposure has been minimized.

Contaminants of Concern
Type of Waste Quantity

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    Site Name: "75-09 Woodhaven Boulevard".
    Site Name: "Home Depot in Woodhaven Blvd. & Metropol".
    Site Name: "75-09 Woodhaven Boulevard (Home Depot Off-site)".

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