Westside of Whitestone Expressway, North of 20th Ave, Whitestone, Queens, NY 11357

College Point

VCP PCBs SVOCs brownfield

Site Description[1] 
18-30 Whitestone Expressway, Block 4148, Lot 100, the site is a 2 acre parcel in a filled marsh area of College Point, Flushing, Queens County, NY. Commercial buildings and office buildings are situated around the site. The property is located by Whitestone Bridge, on the west side of the Whitestone Expressway. The site was vacant and over growth with wild vegetation. The site was covered by 10-12 feet of anthropogenic fill material. Controlled and uncontrolled dumping has resulted in contamination of the soil at the site with heavy metals and PCB contaminated oil. The groundwater has not been impacted by the contaminants in the soil. The water table is located at 9-10 feet bg. In 1999 the investigation and the remediation has been completed at the site. The remediation consisted in excavation of the hot spots and replacement of the excavated soil with clean material.

Site Environmental Assessment
The site is located in an area covered by 10- 12 feet of antropogenic fill material. Phase I and Phase II showed concentrations of SVOCs, PCBs, Metals above the TAGM 4046. The consultant has excavated the hot spots and the end point samples collected from the excavation walls and the bottom of the excavation showed concentrations of the contaminant levels slightly above the TAGM 4046 RSCO. In 1999, the Department has issued a satisfactory completion letter for the site.

Site Health Assessment
Public water is provided to the area, thereby preventing exposures to groundwater. Any residual contaminated material is contained under the on-site building and pavement, thereby preventing public exposures.

Contaminants of Concern
Type of Waste Quantity
Hazardous Substances UNKNOWN

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