90-30 Metropolitan Avenue, Glendale, NY, 11385


VCP VOCs "Vapor Intrusion" brownfield CVOCs

DPSW forest Hills LLC c/o Mark Holdings LLC
Site Description[1] 
The Site is located on the south side of Metropolitan Avenue just to the east of Woodhaven Boulevard. The Site is mostly paved and has a large one-story building at its southern end. The site is currently unused. Surrounding uses are commercial. Residential properties exist further to the west (across Woodhaven Boulevard) and to the north (across Metropolitan Avenue). Numerous investigations have been conducted at the site in efforts to identify a source area for tetrachloroethylene ("perc") that has been identified in site groundwater. Past uses that may have resulted in releases of perc are printing press manufacture and repair and storage of chemicals by a distributor. Numerous limited site investigations have occurred between 1992 and 1998 by ES&E Inc, Soil Mechanics, Target Environmental Services, and Roux Associates. IT conducted an investigation of the area of the Site, including the Site, in 2000 and 2001 for NYSDEC. AKRF conducted a Remedial Investigation of the Site in 2003. FPM conducted a pilot test for an air sparge/soil vapor extraction remedial system in 2005. Remediation has commenced in 2005 and is ongoing. The AS/SVE remediation system has been continuously running since startup during the week of 8/20/07. SVE effluent monitoring results have been compared to the AGCs and SGCs and are confirmed to be below this guidance. Therefore, no effluent treatment is planned at this time. The effluent will continue to be monitored to confirm that this remains the case. The pre-startup soil vapor and indoor air sampling data have been received and reviewed. These data show no PCE impact inside of the building at a time when neither the remediation system nor HVAC system was running and when the building was closed up. These data will also be presented in the Final Engineering Report (FER), which is in preparation following the current FER template. Groundwater data were recently received and will also be reported in the FER. The building has now been redeveloped and is now occupied with retail

Site Environmental Assessment
Tetrachloroethylene has been identified in groundwater, the surface of which is approximately 45 feet below the ground surface, beneath the Site and the area of the Site to the west (the property adjacent on the west and under Woodhaven Boulevard) and to the south (just beyond 73rd Avenue). The most recent groundwater sampling confirmed that PCE, cis-1,2-dichloroethene and 1,1,2,2-tetrachloroethane have been detected in groundwater beneath the Site, which is present between approximately 45 and 133 feet below grade. Concentrations of PCE are most elevated in the shallow and intermediate zones (maximum of 3,600 ug/l and 3,300 ug/l, respectively) and decrease in the deeper zone (maximum of 170 ug/l). The proposed remedial measures are designed to treat the onsite impacted groundwater. The most recent soil gas sampling indicated that no significant concentrations of PCE are present in soil vapor beneath the Site. However, based on the nature of impacted groundwater at the Site, the proposed remedial measures are intended to address potential soil vapor impacts that may be present.

Site Health Assessment
The area is served by public water, therefore exposure to contaminated groundwater is unlikely. Elevated concentrations of site contaminants have not been detected in site soils. Soil vapor samples were taken around the on-site building and trace levels of chlorinated solvents were detected. A remedial action to install an air sparge and soil vapor extraction remedial system is underway. The building is now vacant and will be redeveloped for restricted commercial use. Further investigation of the building will occur before occupation.

Contaminants of Concern
Type of Waste Quantity

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