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"waste transfer station" recycling truck-to-barge truck-to-rail

Allocco Recycling Ltd. was established in 1989 as a family owned and operated recycling facility and waste transfer station.  

Contact Information
Facility Contact: Mike Allocco Jr., Vice President
Email: mike@alloccorecycling.com
Phone: 718-349-3094
Website: www.alloccorecycling.com
NYSDEC Registration #: 24WA3
Allocco Recycling currently operates from a 22,500 sqf building sitting on 4 acres of land[1] situated across the street from the shiny aluminum waste digesters of the Newtown Creek Water Pollution Control Plant.  Allocco accepts rock, dirt, mixed debris, and concrete and recycles the bulk of this material into new concrete.  They also trade in metals, paying for scrap and sorting and processing it for resale. 
With the purchase of a 20,000 square foot building and 1.25 acres on Laurel Hill Blvd. in Maspeth, Queens the company plans to expand the scrap metal portion of their business. The additional location, less than one mile from their Kingsland Ave. facility, will allow Allocco direct access to the railroad tracks as well as to barge and truck traffic (currently Allocco exports materials via truck and barge).   It will also be able to add a shredder to reduce the metals to manageable pieces for better pricing.

At a Community Board 1 meeting in December 2007 Allocco, New York Lawyers for the Public Interest, Organizations United for Trash Reduction and Garbage Equity (OUTRAGE), and the Newtown Creek Monitoring Committee announced a preliminary agreement between Allocco and the community whereby Allocco would be given the green light to install truck scales at the end of Henry street and process a greater volume of construction and demolition debris in exchange for certain changes in their operations and facilities.[2] The promised changes included: enclosing the facility, reducing the amount of material stored on-site, installing ventilation filters, and maintaining part of North Henry Street for a nature walk.  Unfortunately the agreement between Allocco and the community fell apart in the summer of 2008 for unspecified reasons.

In 2004 Riverkeeper threatened to sue the company for violating the Clean Water Act.  According to Riverkeeper, Allocco had been piling soil below the high-tide line, allowing soil to cascade over their bulkhead into Newtown Creek, and letting process water and stormwater run off the piles and into the Creek.[3] Allocco responded immediately, improving their bulkhead and installing netting beneath the conveyor belt that transports materials from the site and onto barges.[4] 

Transfer or Disposal Destination, 2006[5]
In 2006 Allocco Recycling Ltd. handled 656,304 tons of material; this sum represents 5.3% of all waste exported through transfer stations in New York City.


Amount (tons)

Facility Name


construction & demolition debris


Crown Container

Queens, NY



Mercer International Group

Mercer, NJ

mixed fill


New York City ?

New York, NY

mixed fill


Bayshore Recycling

Middlesex, NJ

mixed fill


Minot/Tricon ?

Ulster, NY

mixed fill


Albany Materials

Rensselaer, NY

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