78-01 57th Ave, Elmhurst, NY, 11373


VCP SVOCs "Vapor Intrusion" VOCs brownfield MGP

Site Description[1] 
The site is located in a light industrial-residential area. The site, known both as the Elmhurst Tanks and the Newtown Holders Station, is approximately 6 acres in area and is located in Elmhurst, Queens County. This site is bordered by 57th Avenue, a Conrail right of way, Grand Avenue and 80th Street. The site was formerly occupied by two large gasholders of the water seal type, which were decommissioned in 1993. During the period from August 2000 to March 2001, KeySpan dismantled and removed the gasholder tanks from the property. These holders had been painted historically with lead-based paint to protect them from the elements. The steel from the gasholders was shipped to a recycling facility in New Jersey. After removal of the holders, excavation areas (up to 45 feet deep) were backfilled with a total of 120,000 cubic yards of approved soil. On-Site work: KeySpan started IRM work in August 2001. During IRM excavations and sampling, an additional quantity of lead-contaminated soils were identified. KeySpan removed 5,400 tons of characteristic hazardous waste that was disposed off-site at the Clean Earth facility in New Jersey. 8,900 tons of non-hazardous soils were disposed off-site at Atlantic County Utilities Authority Landfill (ACUA) in Atlantic County, New Jersey. 1,440 tons of sludge was thermally treated at Mid Atlantic Recycling Tech (MART) in Vineland, New Jersey. The treated soils were ultimately disposed at ACUA in New Jersey. Subsequent to soil removal, verification sampling data indicated that additional on-site soils with elevated levels of petroleum hydrocarbons were present. Subsequent to this excavation work, soil from two areas on the property was found to contain levels of lead above the Site-specific clean up-goals: surface and subsurface soils in the southwest portion of the site adjacent to the existing service building, and in subsurface soils on the eastern edge of the site. To address these areas, additional off-site and on-site remediation work was performed in July/August 2002. Approximately 2,128 tons of non-hazardous soils were excavated and transported to a disposal facility. Of this, approximately 1,069 tons of the non-hazardous soil was shipped to Clean Earth of North Jersey and approximately 1,059 tons required shipment to Clean Earth in Pennsylvania. Approximately 584 tons of hazardous, lead-contaminated soil was transported and disposed at Clean Earth of New Jersey. The total volume of soil excavated and disposed off-site during the IRM activities on both the KeySpan and CSX properties was approximately 18,692 tons. Of this, approximately 11,028 tons was non-hazardous soil and approximately 7,664 tons was hazardous soil. A deed restriction has been executed and a Site Management Plan has been approved and will address engineering and institutional controls. After remediation, the property has been donated to New York City to develop as a park and community center for local residents. Park construction is ongoing.

Site Environmental Assessment
There are three areas of residual lead and SVOC contamination remaining at Site. The Site is completely covered with soil cap. New York City Parks Department has raised site grade by additional 6 to 12 feet of soil to convert this property for parkland usage.

Site Health Assessment
The site was formerly occupied by two large gasholders which have been decommissioned and removed. Site investigations have identified lead and semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOCs) contamination in surface and subsurface soils. The potential for exposure to lead and SVOCs in the surface and subsurface has been minimized by the removal of soil "hot spots" in the impacted areas. Areas where contamination still exists are in areas that are either paved, lie at depth or are inaccessible, the entire site is a restricted area. During the removal process air monitoring and proper decontamination practices were conducted to ensure no public health concern to the community.

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