420 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

Boerum Hill

Local organic fair-trade

Blue Marble Ice Cream is a family friendly and eco friendly place to grab dessert. 

Phone Number: 718-858-1100
Designed by Andrea Steele and Andrew Deibel of AND Architects, Blue Marble's interior architecture aims to capture all that we represent and deliver it in our surroundings. We believe our product speaks for itself, and in creating our shop we envisioned an atmosphere that provided the perfect place to enjoy it. The creative talent behind Blue Marble's graphic aesthetic was Gabriele Wilson, a friend and fellow Brooklynite.

Kids Corner
Toys and ice cream...life doesn't get much better than that.  Our Atlantic Avenue location features a play area, offering kids a fun, safe space offers kids a fun, safe space all their own filled with toys hand-selected to encourage curiosity, creativity and discovery.

We share our Underhill Hill shop with New York City Explorers, which offers our littlest of customers a fantastic play space and fun array of enrichment programs.  

Back Patio
Designed by Modern Urban Design, Blue Marble's lovely patio is an ideal spot to enjoy a scoop or cup of tea under a leafy green canopy of trees.

Window to the World
Travel photographs collected from friends, family and customers of Blue Marble are featured on our LCD screen, transporting visitors to beautiful locales near and far.  If you would like to share your photographs with us, please email them to: thescoop@bluemarbleicecream.com with a brief caption indicating location and photo credit.

Waste Not, Want Not
Blue Marble is committed to doing all it can to limit our spoonprint on the environment.  That's why we use as many biodegradable /compostable/ recycled supplies as possible and encourage our customers to dispose of them properly in the provided bins.

Green Energy
Blue Marble runs on clean, green, renewable energy generated right here in New York. Our power, supplied by Accent Energy, is a mix of 75% hydro (water) and 25% wind.

In constructing our shops, we committed ourselves to using as many non-toxic materials as practicality would allow. As it turns out, that was quite a high percentage! Through the kind and generous support of Brooklyn-based supply sources Bettencourt Green Building Supply and IceStone, we were able to meet our green goals and proudly display unique alternative materials to our customers.

Bettencourt Green Building Supply
Bettencourt Green Building Supply is located in Williamsburg - they ship product all over the place, but we were lucky to find them in our own back yard. The great staff there helped us find alternatives to paint, stain, wood, and finishes:

Our tabletops in the back of the shop are constructed with Kirei. Kirei Board is manufactured from reclaimed agricultural fiber from the Sorghum plant grown around the world. Kirei Board helps reduce waste by utilizing stalks that would otherwise be discarded or burned, adding to landfill waste and pollution. www.kireiusa.com

American Clay
Great paint alterative used on most of our wall space. Manufactured in and using materials from the United States, American Clay is made from natural clays, recycled and reclaimed aggregates, and vibrant natural pigments. Its natural properties include temperature moderation, dust and dander resistance; it has even been shown to increase energy and relieve depression. We highly recommend the services of Alessandra Nichols, master artisan and American Clay consultant."

Safecoat Paint
Used to paint the ceiling. Safecoat Zero VOC paints have almost no odor during application and are odor-free once cured. They contain no formaldehyde, ammonia, crystalline silica, or ethylene glycol. www.afmsafecoat.com

Yolo Primer
YOLO Colorhouse 0 VOC paints and primer are certified by Green Seal®, an independent non-profit setting standards for environmentally responsible products. Green Seal® certification is based on VOC content, the absence of chemicals, durability, performance and manufacturing practices.

Another amazing resource for us was IceStone. IceStone is a truly green business that incorporates environmentally friendly practices into all aspects of their identity. This product is used for our blue countertop, and resembles granite - but is made of 100% recycled glass and post-industrial recycled product. IceStone surfaces are VOC-free and therefore do not off-gas any VOC's. They operate out of a renovated, day-lit factory in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, creating U.S. jobs for workers in an eco-friendly, safe and respectful environment.

Reclaimed Materials
At the Boerum Hill location, the wood baffling installation hanging from the ceiling and paneling many surfaces is all constructed of pine planks salvaged from the floor of a stage production of "Uncle Vanya" at the Long Wharf Theatre in New Haven, CT.  In Prospect Heights, we salvaged flats from the set of a production of "Crimes of The Heart" at the Roundabout Theatre Company to build the wall separating our space from New York City Explorers, creating the exterior front facade of a little country cottage.  We owe a special thanks to the artistic and technical staffs at both of these theatres, who allowed these materials to build their second lives at Blue Marble. Framing the walls and freezer at our Prospect Heights location is some old fencing that we found in the backyard.  Instead of tossing it, we just gave it some TLC and used it in our interior design to further lend the shop a "welcome home" kind of feel.

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