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Local organic fair-trade "sustainable food systems"

Just Food initiatives link and pursue economic, environmental, and social justice through food systems. Just Food began in autumn 1994 as the all-volunteer effort of a number of New York City and Northeast food-system leaders to promote a holistic approach to food, hunger and agriculture issues.

Just Food envisions a strong regional food system -- incorporating a diversity of rural farms and a robust urban farming component -- that preserves ecosystems, reduces pollution, promotes social justice, provides education about the environment, and invigorates rural and urban economies.

By using food as the common element linking diverse organizations and individuals, Just Food works to improve the quality of life in New York City and the region.

JACQUIE BERGER, Executive Director
CSA stands for community supported agriculture and can be understood as a food buying club that links regional farms and individual NYC neighborhoods in a direct market relationship. By purchasing a share in a farmer's harvest, (at a cost of ~$17/week with special payment plans available as needed) a NYC family involved in a CSA group receives fresh produce at reasonable prices throughout the growing season (June-November). The participating farmers use certified organic or a range of organic and sustainable production methods. The city members perform many of the duties needed to market CSA in NYC. Since 1996, Just Food has helped to start over 40 CSA programs in NYC. This number continues to grow as we work with new groups and new farmers to start additional sites every year. If you want to know your very own farmer - call us; we'll help you bring CSA to your NYC neighborhood.

The City Farms

While our CSA program focuses on rural farming, The City Farms program works on urban agriculture to help feed our neighborhoods. We develop and coordinate an extension service to assist people in growing, marketing and distributing more garden-grown food. The United States Victory Gardens program of the 1940's provided 40 percent of our nation's fresh food during times of food shortages; we have the capability to achieve similar successes to combat hunger and malnutrition right here in NYC today. Over 30 urban farms and community gardens are members of The City Farms, and our extension service grows and strengthens every year. To date, we've helped to start four urban farm stands - independent farmers markets run by the community, for communities that need them most - with more on the way.

Community Food Education
Even with affordable CSAs and farmers markets nearby, people don't truly have access to food unless they know how to use it. Proper storage and preparation methods are key components to true food access. Just Food provides cooking demonstrations, and trains others to provide cooking demonstrations for their own communities.

Fresh Food For All
Since 2001, Just Food has been assisting food pantries and other institutions to acquire locally-grown food. Our partners include United Way, City Harvest, Community Food Resource Center , community gardeners, family farmers, and several neighborhood-based organizations.

Food Justice
Since its inception, Just Food has sought to bring diverse communities together to address farm and food justice issues. Our efforts include Community Food workshops, Farm issues workshops, our newsletter and conference. We educate and activate our urban communities -- including low-income communities -- around rural farm issues. We also provide opportunities for farmers' voices to be heard in NYC.

VISTA Leadership Training
Just Food and AmeriCorps*VISTA share the common goal of combating poverty by building community self-reliance. This is Just Food's eighth year training a group of highly talented and energetic VISTA volunteers. Our VISTAs help build the capacity of Just Food and its partner organizations.

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