Paidge Ave. and Provost St., Brooklyn, NY 11222


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The Newtown Creek Nature Walk is owned by the NYC Dept. of Environmental Protection and maintained by the NYC Dept. of Parks & Recreation.
The Newtown Creek Nature Walk was designed by environmental sculpture artist George Trakas, built by the NYC Dept. of Environmental Protection (DEP), and shepherded from vision to reality by the sustained
advocacy of the Newtown Creek Monitoring Committee.  Built as a concession to the community in exchange for supporting the expansion and upgrade of the Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant, the 800-foot Nature Walk took nine years and over $3 million to complete.  The Nature Walk includes benches, a boat launch, indigenous plantings, and picnic tables.

As DEP’s upgrade of the Newtown Creek Sewage Treatment Facility progresses, space will be made available to build Phases II and III of the Nature Walk, which will extend from the southern terminus of Whale Creek, over the Creek itself, and toward what used to be Green Street.  To compliment the Nature Walk, a Visitor Center for the Wastewater Treatment Plant was built that includes occasional access to a viewing platform at the top of the 140 foot tall waste digesters.

Wildlife Sightings
A Canadian Geese couple were sited in June 2010.

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