171 E. Broadway , New York, NY 10002

Lower East Side

Local Organic Vegetarian/Vegan

From a New York Magazine review:

Broadway East has found success with its subterranean lounge (we hear the Post is about to feature BEast in its "Making the Scene" column), but especially after the departure of chef Lee Gross, the food hasn't managed to lure crowds. That may change now that Gavin Mills, previously a sous-chef at Mas (farmhouse), has been brought on to court discerning carnivores. Although he won't be using red meat (the veggie burger is the one thing left from the old menu), he's been given free rein elsewhere, hence appetizers such as coq au vin ravioli similar to the ones at Mas, and entrées such as a roasted Long Island duck breast.

That said, there are still vegan and vegetarian dishes on the menu - "Mas is a very produce-oriented restaurant," Mills reminds us. "It just puts a lot of meat on top of the produce. I use the same type of techniques, cooking everything very slowly and bringing out the natural flavors of the vegetables." The chef's roasted beets topped with an orb of goat-cheese ice cream are a welcome riff on the classic beet salad....

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