Vernon Blvd. and Newtown Creek, Queens, NY 11101

Hunters Point

"waterfront park"

The Vernon Blvd. Park, if built, would likely be run by the NYC Dept. of Parks and Recreation.

imageCurrent view of Vernon Blvd.
As one of the few public access points to Newtown Creek, the Vernon Blvd. Park, would create a unique opportunity for the surrounding communities to reconnect with New York City's maritime history, enjoy recreational water activities, or simply sit and watch the sunset behind Manhattan. Despite the many benefits, the ultimate fate of the park still hangs in the balance. In order for the park to be built, agreements must be worked out with The Department of Parks and Recreation, the Department of Transportation, and the adjacent businesses, some of whom fear a public park represents an extension of the gentrifying forces pushing manufacturing and industrial enterprises out of Long Island City and Hunters Point.

Sustained community support will be essential to realizing the Vernon Blvd. Park vision developed by New Yorkers for Parks in collaboration with the Newtown Creek Alliance.  The next step is to transfer the site to the Parks Department inventory. Once this is done the agencies and the community will need to come up with a maintenance plan, raise funds, and complete construction drawings.  Parties interested in lending their support to the park should contact New Yorkers for Parks, a citywide non-profit advocating for greener, safer, and cleaner parks.

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