121 Ingraham Street, Brooklyn, NY 11237


brownfield CVOCs "vapor intrusion" SSDS

Doe Fund, Porter Ave. HDFC
imageMural painted on the east facade
imageExterior of 121 Ingraham Street
Site Description[1]
The site is located at 121 Ingraham Street/89 Porter Ave., East Williamsbourg, Brooklyn, NY 11237 (Block 2993, Lot 1). The site is occupied by a three story wood-frame industrial building which was constructed in 1925, and an adjacent wing which was added in 1956. The buildings are bordered by Porter Avenue to the west, by Ingraham Street to the south, by Joyva Candy Factory's parking lot to the east, and by Johnson Avenue to the north. The area is zoned M1-2, light manufacturing. In the neighborhood there are also residential buildings. The property was operated by Cornish Knit Goods/Cornish Mini Mills as a textile factory until 1980. After 1980, the building was vacant and illegally operated as a dry cleaning facility and as a stolen car scrap yard. The investigation and remediation field work were completed in 2003 under a Voluntary Cleanup Agreement. Drums of dry cleaning solvent and two dry cleaning machines were disposed of off site. The boiler room and a vaulted heating oil tank have been removed and the excavation backfilled with clean soil. A vapor barrier was installed under the first floor slab. An Air Sparge/Soil Vpaor Extraction System (AS/SVES) is operating on site to remediate the groundwater and soil vapor. The building has been renovated and is operating as a shelter for homeless men. The Remedial Action Report and the AS/SVES Engineering Report have been submitted. The AS/SVE system is currently operating. Monitoring at the site continues.

Site Environmental Assessment
The site contamination consists of tetrachloroethylene (PCE) and trichloroethylene (TCE) in soil, groundwater, and soil vapor from the illegal operation of a dry cleaning facility and illegal car dismantling operations. A 10,000gal and a 5,000gal heating oil tank have been closed in place. The vault, the boiler room, and two soil hot spots have been excavated and disposed of off site. The area was backfilled with clean soil. A soil vapor barrier and an Air Sparging/Soil Vapor Extraction System (AS/SVES) have been installed under the first floor slab. The AS/SVE is operating and the groundwater monitoring continues at the site. The concentrations of PCE and TCE in groundwater have diminished since the remedial system has been operating, but are still over 1,000 ppb PCE and 32 ppb TCE. The operation of the AS/SVE system continues. Quarterly reports are submitted to the Department and NYSDOH.

Site Health Assessment
Groundwater beneath the site is contaminated with volatile organic compounds (VOCs), primarily tetrachloroethene (PCE), at levels above NYS drinking water standards. There are no active public water supply wells within a one mile radius of the site and public exposure to contaminated groundwater is unlikely because all businesses and residences are supplied by public water. Exposure to contaminated soil is not expected since the site is covered by buildings and is paved. A soil vapor extraction system is active at the site to inhibit potential vapor intrusion.

Contaminants of Concern

Type of Waste Quantity
Hazardous Substances UNKNOWN

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