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brownfield VCP SVOCs

Laurel Hill Realty Corp.
Site Description[1]
The site is a 0.2-acre parcel used as a construction material storage yard.  A commercial property borders the site to the east. The intended use of the site is a construction material storage yard. The surrounding uses are mainly residential with some commercial divisions. Contamination at the site was predominantly in the soil and represented by Semi Volatile Organic Compounds and metals, and resulted from historic fill and uncontrolled dumping of oil and oil-related products from trucks loading construction materials. The Remedial Investigation work plan was approved in 1999 and the RI was completed in 2000. The groundwater is 8-10 feet below ground. The soil is sandy and it is covered with 3-4 feet of fill material. The Remedial Work Plan was approved in 2001 and the field remedial work was completed in 2002. The remedy involved excavation of the entire site and off site disposal. Clean backfill material has been placed in the former excavation. Remedial work at the site is completed.

Site Environmental Assessment
The contaminants of concern in soil at the site were Semi Volatile Organic Compounds (SVOCs) and heavy metals. The groundwater has not been impacted by the contaminants. In 1998, the Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessment revealed that the contaminants of concern in soil were above TAGM 4046 RSCO. The SVOCs had excedences ranging from non detected to Benzo(a)anthracene 43ppm, benzo(a)fluoranthene 1500ppm, benzo(b)fluoranthene 41ppm, benzo(k)fluoranthene 26ppm, benzo(a)pyrene 41ppm, Chrysene 38ppm,Dibenzofuran 12ppm. Some of the havy metal excedences were Arsenic 52ppm, Selenium 5.6ppm, Chromium 49ppm, Cadmium 12.5ppm, Lead 1930ppm,Zinc 1490ppm, Mercury 3.5ppm. The source was presumed to be in the fill material and also produced by uncontrolled dumping. During the remedial phase, the site was excavated and the end point samples showed that the concentrations of the contaminats levels were very close to TAGM 4046 RSCO. The excavation has been backfilled with clean soil. The remediation was completed in 2002.

Site Health Assessment
Soils contaminated with metals and semi-volatile organic compounds were identified at this site. Contaminated soils have either been excavated and disposed of offsite or are covered by a concrete slab or the onsite building, thereby minimizing the potential for direct contact exposures. Groundwater has not been impacted, therefore there is no potential for ingestion exposures. Volatile organic compounds were not detected at this site therefore, inhalation via soil vapor intrusion is not a potential exposure pathway.

Contaminants of Concern
Type of Waste Quantity

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