Union and Flushing, Brooklyn, NY


brownfield "vapor intrusion" VOCs

With revenues of over $48 billion in 2007, Pfizer ranks as the world's largest pharmaceutical company.  Established in 1849, Pfizer launched their chemicals business from a building at the intersection of Harrison Ave and Bartlett St, just a block from what later became Pfizer's Organics/Suciac Block.
Site Description[1]
The site was first developed for chemical manufacturing between 1854-1888. Operations continued there until 1989 and all buildings were demolished by March of 1995. Pfizer decommissioned the Organic/Suciac block, intending to utilize it for future redevelopment and/or beneficial use. As part of the decommissioning process, all the buildings were demolished. In 1997, waste from the site was excavated and disposed of off site, which included 18.12 tons of mercury and lead hazardous soils and 1,930 tons of benzene hazardous soils. In 1999/2000, more soil was excavated (approximately 420.3 tons), classified as a petroleum contaminated non-hazardous material, and transported off-site for disposal.

Institutional Controls
On June 22, 2001, Pfizer presented the deed restrictions for recording in the Kings County Registrar's Office. These restrictions state that unless additional response actions are performed at the site to allow its use for residential purposes, the site shall be prohibited from being used for purposes other than industrial, commercial and/or recreational purposes without the express written consent of NYSDEC.

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