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"hazardous waste handler"

Triumvirate Environmental LLC is headquartered in Somersville, MA and has operations across New England, the Mid-, and South Atlantic.[1]   Triumvirate Environmental NYC is a commercial hazardous waste storage facility which collects hazardous and non-hazardous waste generated by schools, research laboratories, hospitals, auto repair shops, auto body paint shops, dry cleaners, electro plating facilities, power plants and industries, for storage and transportation to permitted treatment/disposal facilities for proper disposal. Triumvirate also consolidates specific waste streams from smaller containers into larger containers for transportation efficiency. Triumvirate stores the following wastes: oxidizers, Zone A poison gas cylinders, PCBs, cyanides, acids, and alkalis, as well as a wide variety of additional characteristic and listed wastes. The facility has been in continuous operation as a waste storage facility since 1964 and is approximately 16,500 square feet in size. It is permitted under a state Part 373 hazardous waste management permit to store up to 33,659 gallons of hazardous or non-hazardous waste at any one time.[2] Triumvirate is the only state-licensed and EPA-approved commercial hazardous waste management facility in New York City. There 33,000-gallon storage capacity allows for the management of RCRA-hazardous, TSCA-hazardous, state regulated and non-hazardous waste. The facility is capable of managing more than 6,000 tons of more than two hundred hazardous waste types annually.[3]
Management Methods and Quantities[4]
(o) In 1991 Triumvirate stored, bulked, and transferred 458 tons of hazardous waste

(o) In 2001 Triumvirate stored, bulked, and transferred 933 tons of hazardous waste

(o) in 2005 Triumvirate stored, bulked, and transferred 665 tons of hazardous waste

(o) In 2007 Triumvirate stored, bulked, and transferred 560 tons of hazardous waste

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