88 Ingraham St., Brooklyn, NY 11237


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imageExterior of 88 Ingraham St.
Site Description[1]
The site consists of a two story building with an adjoining garage. The building comprises approximately 11,000 sq ft. and occupies almost the entire site. Since 1933 the building has been used for skein dying, dry cleaning and laundry operations. The site was acquired by Popular Hand Laundry circa 1970 which operated dry cleaning services. Prior to 1970, a dry cleaning and laundry facility was operated by Klink. The site is currently used for storage and resoration of antique furniture and artwork. The surrounding area is industrial. An investigation was completed in 1997 and the remedial action work plan was approved in 1998. Remedial action began in 2001. An air sparge / soil vapor extraction system was operating from 2001 to early 2007. Additional soil gas, soil and groundwater samples were collected during 2005 to 2006. The results of those samples indicate that the existing soil vapor extraction system requires modification.

Site Environmental Assessment

The contaminants of concern are perchlorethylene (PCE), trichloroethylene (TCE), dichloroethylene (DCE) and vinyl chloride (VC) in the groundwater, soil and soil vapor. Investigations conducted at the site between 1997 and 2006 included the collection of soil vapor samples, indoor air samples, subsurface soil and/or groundwater samples. These investigations found: Chlorinated solvent (PCE) in shallow soil (0 to 6 feet) with concentration of 9500 ug/kg, 19,400 ug/kg, 5730 ug/kg, and 11,000 ug/kg; Chlorinated solvents (PCE, TCE, DCE and VC) were found in groundwater samples above groundwater standard with max. concentration measure at 5500 ug/L for DCE, 440 ug/L for VC, 550 ug/L for PCE, and 470 ug/L for TCE; VOCs (PCE, TCE, DCE, and VC) were found in soil vapor samples with max. concentrations of 6104 ug/m3 for PCE, 2260 ug/m3 for DCE, 2526 ug/m3 for TCE, and 46 ug/m3 for VC; Sub-slab vapor samples indicate that elevated chlorinated solvent and petroleum products are present; PCE concentration was detected at max. of 572,000 ug/m3, TCE at max. of 45,200 ug/m3, and total petroleum VOCs of 15,765 ug/m3.

Site Health Assessment
The area is served by public water; therefore, exposure to contaminated groundwater is unlikely. One goal of the soil vapor extraction (SVE) well operating on-site is to prevent vapors from migrating into the building; however, the potential for off-site migration of soil vapors needs to be evaluated.

Contaminants of Concern
Type of Waste Quantity
Hazardous Substances UNKNOWN

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