Laurenceburg, TN

Lawrence County

"Lawrence County, TN", "TN meth lab"

Chief Deputy Terry Beecham reported that 3 Lawrence County, TN residents attempted to avoid being arrested for manufacturing meth, by taking police on a high speed chase, through the counties of Lawrence, Lewis, and Wayne. Speeds reached 90 mph at times, according to reports about the incident. During the chase, police say the suspects materials used to make meth out of their vehicle's window. Police say most of hit the patrol car that was following them.

The suspects also drove over a spike strip and in to a yard on Buttermilk Ridge Road, east of Waynesboro. When police tried to block his vehicle, the suspect rammed the police car. Two other patrol cars helped to block the vehicle, resulting in the arrest of the 3 occupants.

Police describe the items thrown from the suspects' vehicle as batteries, coffee filters, bottles, tubing, sulfuric acid, and gloves. These items are commonly used by those who manufacture methamphetamine.
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