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401: Alison, Dong, Henry Y., Sheila, Tony.

Geographical pathways and relationships between people, products, and practices, of the two commodity chains: Lazy Crazy Acre's gelatos and Haagen Dazs' gelato/ ice cream.

Tags: Lazy Crazy Acres, Farm, Farms, Haagen Dazs, Creamery, Ice Cream, Gelato

402 - 1 (Hui Yi's Map)

Map of La Yogurt and Cowbella Yogurt

Tags: dairy, farm, yogurt, cowbella, la yogurt

402 - 1 (Joseph's Map)

Map of La Yogurt and Cowbella

Tags: dairy, farm

402 - 6 -- Linda's map

Lazy Crazy Acres Farm's gelato (LA) and Stonyfield farm's (SF) yogurt

Tags: dairy, catskills, lazy acres farm, stony farm, ice cream, gelato, yogurt,

402 - 6 official map

dom, vivian, linda, brit 

lazy crazy acres (LA) stonyfield (SF)

Tags: yogurt, gelato, dairy


LaYogurt and Cowbella

Tags: LaYogurt Cowbella Dairy Yogurt

402-1 (Joseph)

La Yogurt and Cowbella

Tags: sexycows dairy farms cowbella layogurt

402-1 sample

cowbella yogurt & la yogurt 

Tags: yogurt

402-1 sample 2

cowbella vs la yogurt

Tags: yogurt

402-2 Dairy: Nicole, Kristin, Alexis and Ashley

Our two products are Organic Valley and Tuscan Milk

Tags: Dairy: Organic Valley vs. Tuscan

402-2 sample

Our products are Tuscan Milk (TM) and Organic Valley Milk (OVM).  

Tags: tuscan, organic valley, organic, milk, dairy, farm, farmers, new york, new jersey, catskills


Laughing Cow Mozzarella Cheese (LC) 

Tonjes Farm Dairy (TF)

Tags: Mozzarella, Dairy, Catskills, Cows


Our products are Chobani Greek Yogurt (CGY) and Cowbella Yogurt (CY)

Tags: Dairy, Farms, Catskills, Cowbella, Chobani, Yogurt,



Tags: #hash

402-7 Paul's Sample Map

Milk in Horizon Farm In Kennedysville Maryland and Milk in Lazy Crazy Acres Andes, New York. 

Tags: milk,dairy,products,lactose

402-7 sample

Milk products

Tags: #MilkyGoodness


Ben&Jerry's ice cream

lazy crazy acres ice cream 

Tags: dairy farm, ice cream, delicious

Brittany's Map -402

Lazy Crazy Acres and Stonyfield

Tags: Lazy Crazy Acres

Ronnybrook and Stonyfield Distribution

401 Gabriel, Clarissa, Nicole, Raymond, Patricia

The Distribution and relationship within Ronnybrook and Stonyfield products. 

Tags: Gabriel, Clarissa, Nicole, Raymond, Patricia


Tuscan Milk(TM) from New Jersey

Organicc Valley(OV) from Delaware County

Tags: tuscan,dairy,organic,milk,yum

Sample Dairy Commodity Chain Comparison

This map is a sample commodity chain comparison for two dairy products, one mainstream/namebrand (Breakstone's butter) and one artisanal and local (Cowbella butter).  It is a template for the dairy commodity chain comparisons Environmental Science students at Baruch College Campus High School will be doing as part of the CUNY GK-12 component of their course. 

Tags: food, dairy, commodity chains, supply chains

sample map

horizon milk and lazy crazy acres milk

Tags: milk


Tuscan Milk

Organic Valley

Tags: Milk,organic,tuscan,organic valley



Tags: test

test 2


Tags: tags

Turkey Hill and Ronnybrook

Ice Cream Commodity Chain

Tags: 401 zach, peter, jamie, alex, elaine

Turkey Hill and Ronnybrook

Zac, Peter, Alex, Jamie, Elaine

Tags: Zac, Peter, Alex, Jamie, Elaine

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