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NYC SALT's mission is to engage, inspire, and empower New York City teenagers by providing them with professional-grade visual communication skills. The program exposes students to the highest levels of the creative industry equipping them to think creatively, solve problems, and speak into the culture with a positive voice. The reference to “salt” reflects our hope that this program will flavor and preserve the communities it serves. NYC SALT began in 2005 as a small photography class of six urban teenagers from Washington Heights armed only with disposable point and shoot cameras. Today, the program has more than tripled in size, and now provides students with training in cutting-edge digital technology, taught by working professionals at the top of the photographic industry. NYC SALT is unique in connecting urban teenagers with these highly successful professionals. Every NYC SALT instructor has at least fifteen years of experience in his or her field. NYC SALT’s teaching professionals don’t just provide NYC SALT students with top-quality instruction: they offer students exposure and access to the highest levels of the industry, teaching not just the art of photography, but also the business. Students meet each week for structured classes and photo shoots. They also participate in field trips, including visits to CNN, Miramax Pictures, MTV, Sports Illustrated, Bloomberg News, the International Center of Photography, apple picking, The New York Historical Society, The Photo Expo, Syracuse University, and The Lucie Awards (the "Oscars" of the photography industry). The program also encourages students to pursue higher education through college visits. In 2008 and 2009, several NYC SALT students received scholarships to attend the prestigious summer photography program at Syracuse University. NYC SALT also hosts frequent showings of student photography. Students are delighted to receive attention from their work and the shows give them confidence and business experience that will serve them throughout life.

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Digital Ready is a learning initiative designed to support a school's transformation into technology-powered, student-centered learning environmnets. Digital Ready extends the learning environment beyond the classroom and school day, shaping when where and how student learning occurs. The Extended Learning Opportunity program component compliments and enriches in-school learning through collaborative partnerships with informal learning organizations from Hive NYC Learning network The After-School Corporation.

allowing them to embark on learning pathways

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Hive NYC Learning Network is a city-wide, research, development and action lab comprised of 56 member organizations who collaborate to create programs, tools, curriculua and opportunities for youth across New York City.

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