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Conn Youth Services - YS Bureaus by melaniewilson

Legislatively mandated Youth Service Bureaus in Connecticut.

Tags: YSBs

Conn. Residential Recovery Services for Women by melaniewilson

This map names and locates agencies providing short- and long-term addiction and recovery services for women. All services are residential.

Tags: "substance abuse" recovery

Conn. Youth Services - Adult Ed/GED by melaniewilson

Adult Education/GED Programs 

Tags: education

Conn. Youth Services - Health by melaniewilson

Clinics specializing in homeless adult, adolescent and/or reproductive health in Conn.

Tags: health

Conn. Youth Services - Housing+ by melaniewilson

Housing plus services for vulernable youth in Conn.

Tags: "housing plus services"

Conn. Youth Services - Juvenile Justice by melaniewilson

Detention facilities and other services targeting youth in the juvenile justice system.

Tags: "juvenile justice"

Conn. Youth Services - Mentoring by melaniewilson

One-to-one mentoring services contracted by state, for youth 15 and up in DCF custody.

Tags: mentoring

Conn. Youth Services - Psych or Complex Needs by melaniewilson

Non-hospital programs for youth and young adults in Conn. treating psychiatric or complex needs.

Tags: "psych or complex needs"

Ct Recovery Services for Women - Short-term by melaniewilson

shorter-term acute care

Tags: recovery

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