Ogilvie Geomatics offers a full range of innovative topographical, hydrographic, engineering and geographic survey solutions across a broad range of sectors in the UK and abroad. Ogilvie Geomatics incorporates both Loy Surveys and Longdin and Browning Surveys. Both organisations are long standing and professional companies with a reputation for delivering quality survey work on time. Whatever the project you are considering, accuracy in planning is the key. A thorough survey will lessen the possibility of you making costly mistakes at a later stage, as you will be less likely to come across unforeseen problems. You'll want to work with an experienced surveyor in whom you can have complete confidence to deliver to the very highest standards. At Ogilvie Geomatics we pride ourselves on our attention to detail. Our professional staff will use the very latest technology to deliver your survey. Being part of a group of companies which with a heritage stretching back to 1953 and a diverse portfolio of businesses, provides us with a very stable financial foundation.


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