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Welcome to The Green School, a progressive alternative high school in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York that focuses on sustainability, the environment, science, social justice, experiential learning, and career planning. Location: The Green School is on the 3rd floor Address: 223 Graham Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11206 Phone: (718) 599-1207 The Green School's 4 Core Values: # Sustainable Self - Individuals in the school community are given the opportunity to develop their individual interests. Importance is placed on individual growth and physical and emotional health of all students. # Sustainable Relationships - Meaningful relationships among students, parents, teachers, school administration and key members of the community are developed through advisory, community work, internships and peer education. # Sustainable Community - All members of the school work to develop a learning community that promotes academic excellence, democratic decision making and individual responsibility. # Sustainable Society - Students have the opportunity to explore careers that promote a healthy society through internships and apprenticeships.


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