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Air Emissions Facilities - NYC by HabitatMap

In progress.  This map will detail all the point source air emissions facilities in New York City.

Tags: "air emissions" "air pollution"

Power Plants - NYC by Solar1

Fossil fuel power plants located in New York City that produce more than 10 megawatts (MW) of energy.

Tags: "power plants" "fossil fuel" energy "NYC Energy"

Waste Transfer Stations - NYC by OWN

The South Bronx and the neighborhoods surrounding Newtown Creek host a combined 32 waste transfer stations (WTS). Collectively, these WTS handle over 60% of the 12 million tons of waste moving through WTS in NYC annually. Because WTS are not evenly distributed throughout the City and because most WTS use tractor-trailers for export, disposing of NYC's waste generates unnecessary truck traffic and pollution. By utilizing marine and rail transfer stations in closer proximity to collection vehicle routes, the City can alleviate waste related environmental impacts for the whole City. To download a pdf version of this map click here.

Tags: "waste transfer stations" waste garbage

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